Top 10: 500 Gram Cakes That Will Leave You in Awe

Top 10: 500 Gram Cakes That Will Leave You in Awe

Jul 4th 2023

Howling Wolf (36 shots)

Howling Wolf is a mesmerizing fireworks spectacle from Brothers Pyrotechnics that will transport you to a world of enchantment and awe. As twilight fades and the moon ascends, get ready to witness a breathtaking display that will ignite the night sky and awaken your senses.

Feel the thrill as the howling begins, accompanied by swirling tails of vibrant colors. Watch in wonder as the sky is painted with trails of red palm bursting with silver glitter, complemented by dazzling orange stars adorned with mesmerizing green glitter. The spectacle continues with brocade effects accompanied by radiant blue stars and magnificent chrysanthemums, creating an ethereal atmosphere that captivates all who behold it. Shop Howling Wolf here!

Backyard King (45 shots)

Prepare to be amazed as Backyard King takes your backyard festivities to new heights. With its stunning assortment of fireworks, each carefully crafted to create a breathtaking show, your nights will be filled with awe and wonder with this Sky Bacon Fireworks favorite.

Watch as the sky becomes a canvas for a symphony of bright comets, shooting up into the night, leaving a trail of sparkling brilliance behind. From vivid blues to radiant reds, from shimmering golds to electrifying greens, the palette of colors will transform your backyard into a kaleidoscope of mesmerizing hues. Checkout Backyard Kings on our website!.

9s Nishiki Kamuro (40sec)

The Nishiki Kamuro effect is renowned for its breathtaking display and awe-inspiring longevity in the sky, and this 9-shot cake from '76 Pro Line is known as the cake that started the Nishiki trend!! This extraordinary Japanese-style effect has captivated fireworks enthusiasts worldwide, and now you can bring its magic to your own show.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Nishiki Kamuro Firework Effect showcases the culmination of decades of expertise. This masterpiece, hailed as our best-selling cake from the '76 Pro Line, guarantees to leave a lasting impression on your audience. Shop Nishiki Kamuro here!

One Bad Piggy (30 shots)

One Bad Piggy features an exhilarating display of three comet tails, soaring high above with a flair of elegance. As they gracefully cascade through the darkness, anticipation builds until the moment of pure magic arrives. Each comet bursts open, revealing vibrant, color-tipped dahlias that paint the heavens in a mesmerizing array of hues.

Amongst the breathtaking dahlias, you'll witness a thrilling strobe effect that adds an extra dimension of visual delight in this Sky Bacon cake. And, as if that weren't enough, prepare to be captivated by occasional crackling bursts that add an exciting audible element to the spectacle. Shop One Bad Piggy here!

Patriotic Sky Buster (126 shots)

This showstopper from Winda Fireworks features alternating bursts of red, white, and blue lights, accompanied by fanned shots of gold sizzling tails, palm tails, and crackling tails. And here's the best part—it lasts for over a minute! Get ready for a mesmerizing display that celebrates patriotism and delivers an unforgettable experience. Shop Patriotic Sky Buster here!

Opposing Forces (48 shots)

Experience a thrilling fireworks showdown in the sky! This dynamic display features 48 shots of rapid-fire color horsetail, crackling mines, and multicolor peony bursts. Prepare to be captivated by the vibrant colors, electrifying crackles, and mesmerizing effects. Perfect for any celebration, this awe-inspiring spectacle wrapped in superhero-inspired packaging will leave you breathless. Shop Opposing Forces here!

Hog Smash (28 Shots)

With a mind-blowing combination of 28 shots, Hog Smash promises an unforgettable experience. It wastes no time in captivating your senses, kicking off the show with two rows of double color-comets that streak through the sky, leaving trails of vibrant hues in their wake.

Experience the power, beauty, and sheer excitement of Hog Smash. Perfect for celebrations, parties, or any special occasion, this explosive spectacle will leave your audience in awe and create memories that will be cherished forever. Shop Hog Smash here!

The Hog Father (30 shots)

The Hog Father 500 gram multi shot firework Sky Bacon Fireworks

The Hog Father is an explosive experience like no other. Packed with 30 exhilarating shots, this Sky Bacon cake is a true spectacle of intense neon colors and thunderous bacon crackles that will leave you craving more! Shop The Hog Father here!

Pigzilla (142 shots)

Pigzilla is a a thrilling spectacle that unleashes a symphony of vibrant color pearls, mesmerizing zigzag patterns, and an exhilarating combination of whistling and crackling effects. You will be amazed as this mighty firework crescendos into a grand finale, engulfing the night sky with magnificent walls of shimmering brocade and crackle. Brace yourself for an unforgettable pyrotechnic experience that will leave you in awe. Shop Pigzilla wholesale, and check out its even crazier counterpart, Mechapigzilla!

Sailor's Nightmare (16 shots)

One of our favorite 500-gram cakes from Tako Pyrotechnics! This cake features alternating with colossal 3-inch shots that unleash mesmerizing jellyfish effects, creating a truly unforgettable visual symphony. Experience the awe-inspiring display of Sailors Nightmare as it unleash a breathtaking combination of brocade tails bursting into a kaleidoscope of vibrant peonies, adorned with enchanting glitter. Shop Sailor's Nightmare wholesale.