Spirit of '76 2023: Top 10 Fireworks

Spirit of '76 2023: Top 10 Fireworks

Posted by Jordan Winn on Jul 4th 2023

We've officially entered Independence Day 2023 fireworks season, friends! In this post, we will be reviewing just a small selection of the most popular products with the best displays from our collection. We hope this list helps you decide which fireworks to celebrate with this summer!

Best of Tako - 5in and 6in Shells

This is the ultimate assortment of Tako 60-gram artillery shells, conveniently bundled in a single package. As the name suggests, the Best of Tako pack contains 6 each of our 4 popular Tako canister shells (5" Plutonium Shells, 5" Nishiki Bombs, 6" Ring Master, and 6" Mammoth Shells) that customers crave. These effects satisfy thump junkies everywhere! Buy here!

Dragon Fan

This 200 gram cake from Tako Pyrotechnics is a fan favorite (get it?). Dragon Fan features crackling mines to falling leaves with glitter, golden waves with green glitter, yellow falling leaves with blue, gold brocade with red glitter, and chrysanthemum bursts with color pearls. It is truly a breathtaking display! Shop here!

5" Hellcat Cans - 5in Artillery Shells

Talk about hard-hitting! Our best-selling canister shells from Sky Bacon fill the sky with sizzle and boom. Massive, maximum-load breaks make 5" Hellcat Cans a summer staple. Multiple kits available include various packing options: 5" Hellcat Cans (60-gram Canisters)5" Hellcat Cans - 60-Gram Canister Shells (Bulk)5" Hellcat Cans - 60- Gram Canister Shells

9s Nishiki Kamuro

The OG Nishiki Kamuro cake! Our 9s Nishiki Kamuro is a consumer-grade, single-effect Multi Shot 500 Gram featuring 9 steady shots of the popular effect famous for its impressively long hang time. This Japanese inspired display is our best selling multi shot from the '76 Pro Line, sure to make a statement in any fireworks show. Shop here!

Double Down

Double Down for big results! This 9 shot tube rack boasts vibrant bursts of colorful palm rings each with a red club fallout core. Its massive orange, green, and purple rings more than fill the night sky. A highly sought-after NOAB with incredible shelf appeal from Brothers Pyrotechnics. Buy here!


When Pigzilla is ignited it unleashes a mesmerizing display of zigzagging color pearls that fill the sky with a thrilling symphony of whistling and crackling sounds. It then finishes with a grand finale of magnificent brocade walls and explosive crackles. This 142-shot zipper cake from Sky Bacon Fireworks provides a jaw-dropping spectacle that will leave customers in awe! Shop Pigzilla here!

Sailor's Nightmare

Sailor's Nightmare has cannons that unleash a magnificent display, as brocade tails gracefully burst into a vibrant array of multicolor peonies, enhanced with a sparkling touch of glitter. This cake's breathtaking visual journey is further accentuated by the inclusion of colossal 3-inch shots with jellyfish effects. It's the most popular 500 Gram from Tako Pyrotechnics! Shop Sailor's Nightmare here!

The Hog Father

A performance your customers can't refuse! The Hog Father is has 30 great shots of intense neon colors followed by a loud bacon crackle. It is a fast-paced display, extremely popular from Sky Bacon Fireworks. Check it out below to see why the Hog Father is a customer favorite! Shop here!

Ghost Dragon

A signature tube rack item from Tako Pyrotechnics, Ghost Dragon features a multicolor ghost ring around the outside of every massive brocade ring break. This gorgeous effect shoots 9 times for a 30 second duration. Mesmerizing and unique! Shop here!

Willow Forest

Willow Forest is a Multi Shot 200 gram from Sky Bacon. It features a rich allure of cascading gold-willow mines that gracefully transition into beautiful drooping gold-willow bursts. Prepare to be dazzled by an awe-inspiring performance that fits in a small, eye-catching package! Shop it here!