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Washington Assortment

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This is the ultimate, no-holds barred, surefire set for putting on
the best fireworks show in the county! This amazing set includes
17 500-gram cakes, 22 350-gram cakes, 12 multi-shot cakes,
112 artillery shells, and 10 9-shot racks.

GM100 Da Big Bomb Box - 36 Shot (Assorted)
GM150 Pirates Cove - 9 Shot (Assorted)
MS366 Super Mafia Brothers (Assorted)
GM156 Social Destruction (Assorted)
MX115 Amazing 8 - 16 Shot (Assorted)
RL203 Brothers Artillery Shell - 1.75" Ball Shell
GM133 Major Combat - 119 Shot
GM670 Amped Up - 14 Shot (Assorted)
GM760 Mob Madness - 48 Shot (Assorted)
MX134 The War Box - 15 Shot (Assorted)
RL225A Supernova Cans - 1.75" 60-Gram Canisters
TB204 Pyro Candy / Texas Hold Em - 9 Shot (Assorted)
TB211 Addicted to Loud - 9 Shot (3-inch tubes)
TB256 Stoked - 9 Shot (3-inch tubes)
TB115 Glory, Honor, Power - 9 Shot (3-inch tubes)
TB114 Knockout Brocade - 9 Shot (3-inch tubes)

*Note: contents listed above may vary from those pictured.