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Tim's 5 Minute Show

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This product will take 24 hours to fill, please keep this in mind when placing your order.

Take the guess work out of your fireworks show. This package is perfect
for lighting up the sky at your event. Comes with instructions, fuse,
connectors, and 7 cases of fireworks - everything you need for a
great show!

MS499 Deadly Dozen
GM106 Mt Rushmore
GM166 Bombageddon
GM670 Amped Up
TB262 Double Down
TB246 Monstrous Palm
TB250 Yin Yang
FE110A Fuse Connex (4 packs)
FE120-P Safety Fuse - 20 foot roll (25 sec/ft)

*Video and pictures represent the original version of our 5-minute show. Actual contents listed above.