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Brothers Container Load

Brothers Container Load

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A total fireworks show in one package! With Brothers Container Load, you get the best of the best. 30 pieces are in this giant assortment: 3 artillery shell kits, 3 packs of roman candles, 1 pack of helicopters, 1 pack of ground spinners, 10 fountains, 1 pack of crackers, 5 mine cakes and 6 Heavy Weight 500 gram cakes.

"The Brothers container load was one of my first purchases from spirit of 76. I have five kids of varying ages. It turned out to be a great set it had something for each of the kids and I love it too. Since then I have also picked one up for a coworker two years in a row and his grandkids love it." - John G

What’s Inside?

American chief
Beyond it all 
Bling bling 
Evil enemy 
Magic crystal 
Blue box artillery shells 
Fade to black 
Flood red
Bustling cities 
Mighty rivers 
Hydro bomb 
Saturday night 
And more