The Amazing 8 - Brothers Fireworks Assortment

Amazing 8

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Get the best of both worlds - one each of all the cakes from All-Star Action and Brothers Choice. This is a perfect addition of multiple cakes to your show.

All-Star Action:
Slam Dunk - Red, yellow, green and white tails to palm and crackling. Duration: 35 secs.
Touch Down - Crackling mines to white glitter, colorful palms and more. Duration: 40 secs.
Grand Slam - Red, green, and blue tails to gold willow with colorful stars. Duration: 35 secs.
Hat Trick - Green and silver glittering tails to green palm & red stars with glitter, gold stars with crackling flower. Duration: 35 secs.

Brothers Choice:
Regal - whistling tails to palms, alternating glitter and whistles. Duration: 35 secs.
Imperial - glittering tails with bouquets, whistling tails, blue stars and crackling. Duration: 40 secs.
Sovereign - tails to red, green, and blue stars with crackling, and crackling tail to stars. Duration: 40 secs.
Majestic - red, green and silver glittering tails, with crackling and green glittering willows. Duration: 20 secs.