'76 Seasonal Tent

Our seasonal fireworks tent is open every summer for the 4th of July. Stocked full of the season's best selling fireworks, the Spirit of '76 tent will have all of the fireworks you will need to light up the sky this 4th of July! From artillery shells to smoke bombs, we stride to keep our shelves fully stocked year round. While our seasonal tent may only be up for 3 weeks, our '76 Fireworks Store and our online store are open year round!

Need fireworks now? Our retail store at the same location is open year-round for in-store and online shopping. Click here to shop for fireworks online anytime of the year.   


Spirit of '76 Fireworks Tent
Located at 6401 US HWY-40, Columbia MO, 65202
Open June 20th - July 5th from 8 AM - 10 PM daily 
Call (537) 615-1614 for more information


Inside Spirit of '76 Tent