24 turbo charged - 1.5 inch canister shells

24 Turbo Charged - 1.5in Canister Shells

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These 1.5" shells pack a punch with an impressive
variety of dazzling effects:

Red wave with crackling, Blue wave with white glitter, Brocade, Chrysanthemum to red, Green glitter with crackling, Titanium silver chrysanthemum, Brocade crown,
Chrysanthemum to green, Brocade to crackling,
Chrysanthemum to blue, Brocade to red, Brocade to green, White glitter with crackling, Blue and green peony, Red
with crackling, Purple and green peony, Red wave with white glitter, Blue with crackling, Red to crackling with chrysanthemum, Red and blue peony, Red to blue with white glitter, Purple wave with green glitter, Yellow to crackling chrysanthemum, and Blue to crackling chrysanthemum.

Each box also includes 2 tubes.

Red wave with crackling, blue wave with white glitter, brocade, chrysanthemum to red, green glitter with crackling, titanium silver chrysanthemum, brocade crown, chrysanthemum to green, brocade to crackling, chrysantheum to blue, brocade to red, brocade to green, white glitter with crackling, blue and green peony, red with crackling, purple and green peony, red wave with white glitter, blue with crackling, red to crackling with chrysanthemum, red and blue peony, red to blue with white glitter, purple wave with green glitter, yellow to crackling chrysanthemum, blue to crackling chrysanthemum