Unique Pumpkin Carving Ideas


Halloween is filled with fun traditions like dressing up in costumes, going trick or treating, and my personal favorite, carving pumpkins. This year add something new to your pumpkin by making it a pyro pumpkin. A pyro pumpkin is a pumpkin perfect for those who love fireworks and halloween. We have three unique ideas that will making your pumpkin not only the most unique on the block but also the hottest! 


Traditionally candles are added into the pumpkin to illuminate your design. To add a unique look to your pumpkin add a smoke bomb into your pumpkin and let the colored smoke seep out and create a ~spooky~ look. 



Another way to make your pumpkin stand out this year is to add a flash strobe inside of your pumpkin. These flash strobe pots will make your pumpkin flash inside and out. 



Whether your pumpkin is a simple jack-o-lantern or an intricate design adding some sparklers or ice fountains to show off your pumpkin is a fun twist.


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