Red White & Blue Must Have Fireworks

Celebrate the 4th of July with patriotic fireworks! We have complied a list of the best patriotic fireworks for 2020. The best part is you can get all of these fireworks for this 4th of July from our Mid-Missouri location. Choose how you shop for fireworks this year. Come into our tent, open daily to the public from 8 AM - 10 PM (with extended hours on the 3rd and 4th of July) or order your fireworks online and pick up using our brand new curbside pick up option. Let us know your favorite patriotic fireworks in the comments below! 


Red/ White/ Blue by Sky Bacon 

This 200 gram multi-shot assortment will light Red White and Blue Sky Baconup the sky with giant red, white, and blue breaks that end in a strobe effect. Light them off as a set or enjoy each of these cakes individually. This assortment comes in a plastic carrying case with handles for easy transport. 

The best part of these cakes are their vibrant colors!




The Red, White, & Blue Salute by Brothers

Red white and blue saluteSalute your country with this patriotic display from Brothers! Alternating red, white, and blue tails are just one great effect of this item. This multishot also has white and blue bouquets and fan-shaped red, white and blue tails with colored bouquets. Three shots at a time produce a fan-shaped effect. 

What do we love about this cake? Aside from its patriotic colors, it is perfectly paced to leave your friends and family impressed.




Medal of Honor  Metal of honor

Medal of Honor by Firehawk screams American pride with its patriotic and military inspired packaging. The crowd will love these alternating red and blue peonies and silver glittering stars. This 16 shot 200 gram cake will dazzle everyone with its patriotic display! 

We love the vibrant red peony breaks that fill the sky.




Sky Patriot 

Sky Bacon’s Sky Patriot 500 gram multi-shot fan cake will fill the sky with red, white, and blue mines that lead up to giant breaks of red, white, and blue brocades. Your friends and family will stand up and salute as this cake carpets the sky. With 25 shots this cake will be a fan favorite. 

What’s our favorite part of this cake? The beautiful large breaks that fill the sky!




I love New York  

Who says you can’t love New York while you're in the midwest? Celebrate the city that never sleeps with this bright and loud fountain! This multi effect fountain has crackle, strobes and bright colors. Get all of the fun of New York city from the comfort of your own backyard. 

This cake’s packaging is bleeding with American pride. From the American flag to the statue of liberty, this cake is patriotic inside and out!






Liberty Fountain 

Winda’s Liberty Fountain starts out strong with silver rain, followed by crackle flowers with red and blue pearls. After a minute of mesmerizing effects the finale features fast-spinning silver with crackling and color pearls! A surprise ending in this fountain will be talked about all night. Singling the end of the fountain the smoke clears and a strobing Statue of Liberty can be seen. 

The best part of this fountain is it ends with a flashing Statue of Liberty! Guaranteed to wow the crowd




Sky Lantern American Flag

Biodegradable sky lanterns are a great (and quiet!) way to celebrate. Light these American Flag Sky Lanterns to fill the sky with American Flags this 4th of July. 

These sky lanterns are easy to use, just light the ignition disk and hold the lantern while it fills with warm air. After a few seconds, it will become buoyant and take flight. After 3 minutes, the disk burns out and cools down before returning to earth. Pair with our dark blue, red and white lanterns to see a patriotic sky.





USA Smoke by Winda 

USA Smoke is another great way to show your patriotism without making too much noise. (It’s also great for keeping the mosquitoes to a minimum in these hot summer months!) This powerful smoke stick burns red, white and blue simultaneously. 

Watch the colors mix together before your own eyes! What’s not to love about this smoke bomb?!?


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