1500 Gram Finale Show | A How to Guide

Brand new this year to the Sky Bacon Fireworks family is the 1500-Gram Finale. A true display finally packed into a single box. This set has one cake angled to the left, one angled to the right and one that shoots straight into the sky. We want you to be able to put on the best show, so we compiled all of the steps you need to know to set up this show stopping patriotic finale. 

Step 1 

Take items of out the box

Step 2

Lay items out on the ground. Pay attention to the RIGHT versus the LEFT pieces. These are labeled right on the cakes. 

Step 3

Connect the fuses. We have 3 different ways to connect the fuses.

Option 1: Use the provided fuse connect. Close the fuse connect and slide each fuse in and allow for them to overlay each other. 
Option 2: Use a zip tie. This is how we recommend connecting your fuses for this finale. Simply pull the 3 fuses together and secure them with a household zip tie
Option 3: Use tape. Tape the 3 fuses together so they are all touching one another. 

Step 4

Light all 3 fuses at the same time, stand back and enjoy!

Pro Tip!

Cut off the top paper of the fireworks. This allows you to see the angle of the tubes and it helps to cut down on the debris left behind after the show. 

What to see someone set up the 1500-Gram Finale? Watch the video below for a full tutorial!

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