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Sky Bacon

5" Hellcat Cans (60-gram Canisters)

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These premium artillery shells from Sky Bacon are sure to be a blast this year! Each kit contains 4 durable, fiberglass mortars and 24 sixty-gram shells labeled for effect.

Neon Red & Sea Blue
Purple, Sea Blue & Lemon
Crackling & Red Plum Blossom
Purple To Brocade
Red To Silver Wave & Green strobe
Red & Blue To White Strobe
Purple To Green
Neon Red To Chrysanthemum
Green Palm & Red Plum Blossom
Brocade To Chrysanthemum
White Strobe willow & Neon Red
Color To Brocade
Purple To Chrysanthemum
Red To Silver Crown
Brocade & Titanium Gold Willow
Color Palm & Crackling
Red Palm & White Strobe
Brocade & Green Strobe
Color Palm & Gold Chrysanthemum
Purple & Lemon Palm With Gold Chrysanthemum
Silver Palm & Neon Red
Purple Palm & Silver Plum Blossom
Gold Chrysanthemum
Neon Red, Lemon & Sea Blue